Sankofa Theatre Festival

Sankofa Theatre Festival

Thursday, Aug 22, 2019 at 7:30pm


By MMB Theatre 1 Project Directed by Curtis K. Rivers, Artistic Director Welcome To the Lilly Night of Tens "Red - That Other Color Girl

Showcasing Rochester and local area playwrights, directors and actors.Featuring full length, and one act plays over a two week period. 2019 will be the second year of the "Night of 10 Minute Plays"

Welcome To the Lilly

An 1930s African American family opens an inn to aid African American travelers in the heart of the Jim Crow South, but will business of family tear the family business apart before it gets started?

Welcome to the Lilly is the latest in the Green Book Chronicles Series.  Audiences take a trip down south with the Roberts Family as they navigate the family business.

Ticket Price each night: $16.00 or $20.00 at the door